Bad Manners at the Dinner Table


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“In a series of uncanny twist, discover what happens when you invite your sins to dinner...” 



Denise lived an exciting life full of drama, excitement and inevitably misfortune. Ride along with Denise as she explains the ups and downs that landed her in the lowest place ever.


Denise pleads with the audience to help her solve the age old tale of "who done it" as she quest to find the sin who waged her death. Meet Denise’s sins as they round table to discover who the culprit is. Meet Greed, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Pride and Gluttony as they try to convince the audience that they are innocent.


This is an interactive stage play that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and brings some of their very own truths to light when they find out what happens when you invite your sins to dinner.

Length: 1.5 Hrs.

Genre: Faith, Murder Mystery, Comedy


2017 Gospel Image Award "Best Stage Play"

2018 Tampa Bay Theatre Festival Nominee "Best Full Length Stage Play"








New to the game for sure, but making her mark nonetheless! Play write, poet & visionary, Renee Necole lives to create out of the box revelations for the present day church; relaying the bold and uncut reality of the spiritual realm, fleshly conflict and mental awareness of them both.


She toured the world from 2001 until 2010 with a GGB Literary poetry ensemble. Since then she has created such memorizing skits as "Out of the Box" and "Unveiled"; a stage play dedicated to our female ancestors, which has starred Gospel legend Shirley Murdock, “Bad Manners at the Dinner Table” as well as a new production coming to a venue near you next spring entitled “Don't Say the "S" Word".

Renee Necole has written, co-produced and cast a body of work which includes: Ladies Room with DNR Productions, A House Full of Secrets with William Alexander Productions, Stuck with Jesonda Productions, Be A Lion with Brand New Sheriff Productions, Ferguson with Perchanda Duboise and now film with "Black Kids, White Mama" a Girl Power Production starring The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell.

​She is the Owner and Creative Director of Cast Me Not Full Service agency where her model stands as "Providing Provision for Your Vision. A full service company that provides assistance with casting, directing, procurement, event planning and script consulting of films, theater and promotional events.


When she’s not writing, Renee Necole is giving to the community with her Non-Profit Organization - Community Events Foundation, Inc. which provides education, creative and training events for Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities. 


Mother of 2, Israel and Isaiah and wife of Brian Stringfield, her life is busy; but the call that God has placed on her life keeps her feet moving in the footsteps of her destiny. Keep your eye out for this play write, author, poet and activist!

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